第25回 国際アカデミー in 札幌

Message from the president of Junior chamber International SAPPORO


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Junior chamber International SAPPORO’s 61st President Masatsugu HAYASHI.





2:46, March 11th in 2011. One elementary school, Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture.

A fear with terrible big sounds attacked both adults and children who couldn’t understand what was happening.

Suddenly, iron blocks covered the streets and damaged every lifeline. There were no houses anymore for the children who were just running in the school yard a few minutes ago.

They couldn’t realize what had happened.

“Get under the desk!”

While the earthquake was getting stronger and stronger, their teacher wearing a helmet shouted in a big voice in the class room. Some children screamed and some cried, some cried because even the desk couldn’t protect them.

“Calm down everyone.” “We, teachers will protect you”

I wonder why?

The teacher said that the voice of the vice principal from the school radio made the children calm down, and also gave them the feeling they were together.

Later, my nephew wearing “BOUSAIZUKIN” (emergency helmet) said proudly that he never cried until he saw his mother and he protected his school and his friends.

This big earthquake made me realize the bond between ourselves and the real strength of the Japanese people. This is the strength that I aim for in my life.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the people who were affected are still suffering. Furthermore, they feel more loneliness and more despair, because of the nuclear power stationdisaster.

We cannot help crying when thinking of the victim’s suffering, because we remember the tsunami of Hokkaido-Nansei- Oki Earthquake in 1993.

Aftera disaster like this, young people always tend to become leaders, like they did in the Meiji Restoration……and like always JAYCEE doestoo.

By showing our own actions, we can increase the value of our existence and we can be leaders with hope and vigor for our city or town. The local community should be the first to start re-energizing Japan.

It is the time for JCI SAPPORO to start something for our city, our people, and our children for the future. 




【JAYCEE wantsto promote discipline in society.】


Our characters are changing. It is maybe because, our careers, beliefs, ourreliance toward other people and our confidence have changed.


“I wonder how I look now?”


I thinkif this is true, I want to have a more courageous face as I get older. I want to keep changingforever. For example, to have a more reliable character than 3 years ago, a more confident character than last year, a more trustworthy character than yesterday and to be more strict with myself.


Nowadays, we hear the voice of ouroldest members,

“JC has changed.” 

“Where are the manners of JC?”

“JC has become apathetic.” and so on….


We should listensincerely to these voicesand it is most important for us to be strict with ourselves. Not just keeping up appearances and cramming superficial customsand knowledge into our heads.

We must be the people needed by our city and organization.


We, young people, shouldn’t forget what can be learned from taking action with our ambition and curious mind.In addition, self-discipline through meeting with a lot of people, and having abond with each other will lead to developing an organization with a lot of individual energy.


Other organizations also do a lot of effective work.However,the members of JC work hard to improve themselves and also have the courage to dare to try things even if they may not work, and we can realize our pride because this is the real JAYCEE….


To decide everything by our own standards now prevents us from developing ourselves. Maybe by plunging into a world whichstimulates our ideas and curiosity, this can be the beginning of the real JAYCEE, and we can change ourselves. With this, we can have the confidence to take pride in being members of JAYCEE.






During the early years of the Meiji era, Yoshitake SHIMA, chief magistrate and some courageous Hokkaido Development commissioners settled this area formerly called “EZOCHI” where the pioneers had lived in Hokkaido as TONDENHEI (the first soldiers for developing and guarding Hokkaido).


They looked over the east area from Maruyama hill, and they imagined constructing the railroad, and the development of industry.


Sapporoonly has a short historybut it has many attractive characteristics different from other local governments.


In a snow zone like this, it became a very precious city in the world and has developed as one of the largest cities in Japan.Under thishard environment, they reclaimed the land by themselves, and they tried to change Sapporo to make it easy to live.


This frontier spirit should be handed down even now. To understandthiswell and to handthisdown from generation to generation is most important for us in contemporary Sapporo,the parents, the children, and the people of educated generation too.

First, we should understand deeply how Sapporo is known in the world and Japan, theestablishmentof Sapporo’s characteristicsshould recognize the attractivenessof Sapporo which still cannot be seen, and this is connected to knowing about our own city. For creating our view, the first step for taking action should be to love our hometown.


In this year, JCI Sapporo wants to promote our local patriotism to all Japan and other countries. As there are many possibilities in Sapporo, we hope SAPPORO PRIDE will be known around the world.


During the snow Festival, all of the snow sculptures are made of pure snow. Because the sculptures will melt, if we use snow which contains impurities for example [YUKIKAKI] (the snow from snow shoveling)or[YUKIOROSHI] (the snow from the roof of a house). Same as the pure snow, when we carry out a plan, we want to promote our pioneer spirit with apure heart.




【SAPPORO, which has pride in the world】


SAPPOROis in the central area of HOKKAIDO,we arevery proud of our city that is well known internationally as a tourist city.In addition, through many global events which have been held in SAPPORO, we have shared our great natural beauty, traditional culture, good food, and arts.In this way, our image as an international city has been transmitted globally.


As internationally-mined people, JCI SAPPORO must widely promote Sapporo not only as a very international city, but also as the model of local government working with cross-cultural relationships. If we value only words and conversation we will not be internationally-mined people.

We must promote to peopleandother countries to respect each other's cultures, and know the identities of our hometown, our culture, and history. Establishing local identity internationally is connected to a strong feeling of trust from people of those countries and this is important for individual inter-cultural exchange.


This year, JCI Sapporo is the venue for “the LOM in the 25th international Academy in Sapporo” , and we will welcome to many Delegates from other countries and home in Japan.

Through the International Academy, we must not only provide a program to mates of the world, we must also create the chances to grow children’s heats, and establish our identity as internationally-mined people for citizens in Sapporo, and we want to widely promote “SAPPORO” in the world. And until now, having our JC’s traditional spirit of hospitality that have been handed down from our elders, we want to welcome to many Delegates. And we want to grow our friendship in the world, and to contribute for nurturingglobal leaders who contribute to the establishment of permanent world peace.

In addition, I hope strongly that I will widely propagate to the world the spirit of helping each other from working with cross-cultural relationships in SAPPORO, as the venue of the 25th International Academy, and it proved helpful to the dream the world peace.




【The heart-warming city of the children】


Nurturingof the mind of the children who bear the next generation is a most important subject for imagining abright and affluent Sapporo.


It is very important for the process of growth inchildren to develop their minds to respect eachother's identity through the relationship between the people having various ideas.


Further, in this global society, not only having communication in our own country but also experiencing friendship with people in other countries,which we have never been able to get until now,is connected to developing ourthe new vision in the world.


In modern society, children tend to depend on their parents and the environment against their will.

We, JCI, must create the society wherechildren can fulfill their potential, and connect to the next generation.We should also create the environment where the children can develop a sound mind forbecomingleadersin the future. We would also like to construct the environment wherechildren can have many exchanges, learn, realize, and think by themselves.


The children’s smile is a barometer for happiness in society.This should be an ideal for Sapporoin the future so that the childrencangrow love and friendship by communicating with the people of other areas.





【The mission as the leader of our city】


Many enterprises and political organizations in Japan, such as NPOs and other organizations like them, are looking for an outstanding leader now.


In the high-growth era, our elder’s improved enterprise and organization dramatically with creativity and passion, and they took charge ofpromoting and cultivating the global market.


We take pride in the contemporary generation who learn from our past and search forthe image of the new leaders. We need to developtalented people with excellent ability under any environment.

Also we, JAYCEE, want to createa bright and affluent Sapporo.


Now that we act as the leader of the local community, it is very important for us to work creating “individuals”. The starting point of creating a sincere cityis having as much responsibility as leadership. Leadership is not an instinctive ability of humanity, it is something which must be polished with constant effort. Talented people withtheability to face this action have nothing to do with title orposition.


The start of becoming a leader is to ask ourselves what weshould do to show leadership.We hope JAYCEE will helpthe next generationtobecome the leader of many organizations ofthe city and leadthe Sapporowhich we love.




【The revitalization of the local community】


Until now, JCI SAPPORO has played a part in interregional exchange and the education ofnot only adults but also children.


At one time, we could often watch the scene where children were scolded by aperson called “GANKO OYAJI (an opinionated old man)” in the neighborhood and they could learn the necessary greetings for daily life and the manners that they should havein their home, so, this “local school” developedthe children inthe local society.


However, nowadays, citizens tend not to be interested in their neighbors and the school near their houses, because the modern society has changed, for example,the decreasing number of children,andthe agingpopulation. Some people say that this is becoming of the rapid development of society but I wonder if thisis the real reason factor.


The local community is absolutely essential for the revitalization of the city. If, one by one,we take part in the reconstruction of the local community on our own initiative, wewill start tobe interested in the local area, and make the people living there connect.


We should learn from the Great East Japan Earthquake.In the present age,we need the spirit of helping each other,  not only oneself,but the people around us, and the people in the local area arethe most importantfor this.


If the revival of the local community is made by theradical change in consciousness of the citizens, thisradical change in consciousness is the very action that we, young people, should try to achieve.


We want to lead the citizens, and we would like to construct a new Sapporo community andmake a lot of chances to have a relationship with people in the local area.





【The action transmitted to many citizens.】


JCI SAPPORO signed “the Sapporo community planning partner agreement” with Sapporo city,on 15th February in 2011.This agreementdefines the continuity of our action and has made the cooperation with Sapporo stronger.


We haveto expand ouraction to contribute to Sapporoandthe people ofSapporo, but we are not satisfied with the promoting energy for the citizens of Sapporo.We need the cooperation of enterprises and organizations which have a connection with the media andhavethe promoting energywhich can promote theinformation of ourmany kinds of activities.


This year, we will start to support public-relations in the “community planning agreement” with Sapporo City, and we would like to constructthe concrete way to respect each other.In addition,we want to promote the activities of JC eternally and widely, we also want to consider the new public strategy we need, and the strengthen the promotion of JC’s activities to the next generation





【Why are you JAYCEE?】


Since I joined JCI Sapporo, I heard countless times from various organizations that we have moved from a time where there was only JC to a time where JC has become just another organization. However, are you really sure?


I don’t think so.


In the present age surely, we have many chances to study about creating a town which has a noble aim with NPOs and other organizations.


However, JCcontinues ticking away though history, and it is required by towns and peoplebecause JC hasthe firm will and purposeto cultivate the power and courage to confront the difficultiesand the trials that will stand in ourway. I think that thisorganization is necessary for all eternity.


JCI Sapporo shows the sign of aV-shaped recovery. The cooperation of many people and the great effort of the individual memberswith many LOMs cannot stop the decrease of ourmembers.All members must increasetheir friendships with wisdom and courage and passion through the extended actionof JAYCEE.


We want to convey the experience learned from the friendship with ourmany friends in other organizations.Many people gather to our activeorganization, and the organization becomesactiveagain by ourmany friends.When we do not step forward to meet a new friend every day, there is neither the development nor the progressof the organization.New companions make a big step towards a bright and rich societyand we want future membersto convey why theyare JAYCEE by their own words.




【With a Sapporo JC’s pride in mind 】


In 1948, while Japan was devastated after the World War IIand most of the people were in an abyss of despair, Mr Zenbei Miwa established the Junior Chamber to bounce back. “Re-building a new Japan is a task for us, the youth.”This proudly declared spirit is living on in our mindsas a guiding principle.

Junior Chamber International Sapporo was established on June 11th, 1951, by Mr Jinnosuke Saito, who wasmoved by a letter from Mr Miyoshi, and 27 other charter members, with their strong will and high aspirations.


Sapporo JC is in its 61th year since it was established andit istaking a step toward the next generation. In every age, our predecessors with high aspirations were proud of Sapporo Citywhich they were born and raised in. They visualized the future of this city and inspired activities with their passion and soul.


It seems that this was not only motivated by their mission, but by emotional experiences that they saw in their trusted associates.They were moved to the point of tears with their associate's passion, running around morning, noon and night with thought for their other associates, and working so furiouslyas to sweat onthe face as well as in the brain. Everyone must have met someone who they admired,such asthem,and wished they would be the same.


Under the current economic situation of Sapporo, it might beahard time to participate inJC.
Of course, we must develop our activities as wellas our role in economic society.


However, I would like you to remember those who take actioninvesting their valuable time in the tough activities, those who make a great effort for both their work and our activities throughout the year, and those who accomplish activities using their paid leave. It is a great pleasure to engage in various activities with such wonderful associates. I hope you to feel the same and have a story to tell others aboutthe wonderful membersof JC .


What about yourselves?


Are you sure that you can tell your own JC story with confidence? Can you imagine that you will be in tears,shoulder to shoulder with other wonderful people? Are you an ideal JAYCEE whom great people would admire?


We are in youth, and now is the time to make a change. Nothing will change by speaking out against others. Nothing can be changed without your change. Why don’t you trust yourself to thesenice people, and throwaway your tiny values.


The mind for respecting each other and wishing to be like that person, wonderfulnesswherea man impresses a man,beautifulness where a woman admires a woman, these feelings arethe starting point of our activities and these ‘individual’ minds worktogether and function as an ensemble of ‘Team Sapporo JC’. It generatesthe energy to shine a light on all of our members. Then ‘JC Pride’ for 2012 would be splendid and brilliant. Ask yourself once again. Motivate yourself once again. Surely true ‘Sapporo JC Pride’ exists in you.






As already stated at the beginning, the days withoutthebrilliant smile from people’s facesare staying because ofthe despair fromthe Great East Japan Earthquake andlongstanding economic instability. What could we ‘Junior Chamber International Sapporo’ do in such times? I thinkwe have a primary responsibility for delivering the energy for our life to the people.


Who can play a leading role for Sapporo if we don’t do it?


Even though Sapporowas not damaged directly bythe Earthquake, we can takevarious action, and that will bring smiles tothe people's facesand, finally,lead to so much energy for Japan.


We shall talk together a lot about the dreams of Sapporo and the future of Japanand,by putting into practice activities that we canbe excited and surprisedby, we are sure that we will send the energy to Sapporo, Japan and to the world.


ToJAYCEE, let's enjoy ‘JC’ more and more?

ToJAYCEE, let's feel ‘JC’ more and more?

ToJAYCEE, let's express‘JC’ more andmore?

We JAYCEE are the only people who can do it now.